1. Sky Pulls Down

From the recording Strong Sun Moon

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Sky Pulls Down

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"Sky Pulls Down" written by Camelia Jade. Performed by Camelia Jade and Mike Antone. Copyright © 2013, Camelia Jade, All Rights Reserved.


Sky Pulls Down
by Camelia Jade

shed, shed, shed, you said
reveal how much you need
what is all this armor
when you're strong enough to bleed?

I crack my branches
to feel the weight
of how much they've emptied you

what would they have done, when I was young
if they knew how sad I was
would they have taken it from me?

what's the use in fighting
to find our way,
what's the use in fighting?

what do you hold dear?
and what will you keep near
when the sky pulls down

lift us up
and let the sun bless our eyes
in the first blue light of the sky