Camelia Jade Sounds

As a music producer and audio engineer, here are some of the artists I've been working with.

Samara Jade - Zero (2020)

Camelia Jade - Mastering Engineer. 
Recorded by Chris Rosser, Kevin Harvey, Samara Jade.  Mixed by Samara Jade, Daniel Nickerson.

Dana Anastasia - cry if you need to (2020)

Camelia Jade - Mastering Engineer and Assistant Mixing.  Recorded and Mixed by Dana Anastasia.

Micaela Kingslight - My Way Home (2020)

Camelia Jade - Mastering & Assistant Recording Engineer.
Recorded and Mixed by George Rezendes.  Produced by George Rezendes and Micaela Kingslight.

Nic Masangkay - DARK AT DUSK (2019)

Camelia Jade - Mastering, Assistant Mixing, Recording Engineer.  
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Nic Masangkay.

Aimée Ringle - Human and Tender (2019)

DiTrani Brothers - Broken Lands (2018)

Simon de Voil - Trust (2017)

Woolly Breeches - Heaven and Home (2016)

The Aimées - Golden Thread (2016)

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