1. Suerte

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Percussion: hands clapping, hammer, saw, paintbrush, bird song, leaves. Guitar, Voice, Bass.

Performed, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Camelia Jade
Lyrics by Camelia Jade. Translation assistance by Marly Moil-Lazenby.

Released May 1, 2020

Performed, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Camelia Jade.

Artist's Statement:
"This song began as a percussion collage of found sounds around my home.
It is inspired by the book "Saborami" by Cecilia Vicuña and written as part of the Bushwick Book Club Seattle in April 2020. In the book, Vicuña collects objects and creates art pieces and poems infused with magic to capture moments in time. The book takes place before, during and after the military coup in Chile in the 1970’s when Chile is shutdown and changed forever. What inspired me was that in the midst of these events (which I have heard about my entire life), she states that “art should be done by everyone” and that “art was born for playing and though people may have forgotten, it is time that they remember. joy is a necessity.” These ideas inspired me to experiment and create a piece that would capture this moment in time, a moment of great change infused with sounds and textures of springtime activity, a bittersweet moment of beauty, grief and joy.



con que forma de suerte
puedo sentirte
cerca de mi

este recuerdo
sabe como la sal
un océano antiguo
se disuelve


with what sort of luck
do I get to feel you
near me

this memory
tastes like salt
an ancient ocean