1. Sarayaku

From the recording The Memory of Water

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"Sarayaku" written by Camelia Jade.
Performed by Strong Sun Moon.
Copyright © 2018, Camelia Jade, All Rights Reserved.


by Camelia Jade

one night grows a spark
caching light from your eyes

burning through
the greatest lies the world has known

let it grow
as we learn to live
as we soften our steps, tell me,
have you had enough
of this yet?

I bow my head to the earth,
she’s asking us what life is worth

brittle leaves covered your heart
they leave slow
like little leaves, open your heart
can we let go?

with the thirst of thunder
rolling over our bodies
it’s getting harder to deceive us

with the names of conquered valleys
rising in the mountains to dream

we are letting go of the lie
that says, the truth
isn’t worth your time

may your heart grow lush and wild
with the pulse of the earth
tell me, what is it worth?